The process of creation

If you’re curious about how these paintings are created using lipstick, these images will give you a clue.

I start off with a sketched outline in eyeliner on Triplex. Eyeliner is like thick, oily crayon and relatively difficult to work with because the pencil has to be sharpened every few seconds. It’s also very difficult to write into, so I have to be careful how I use it.

This is what the owl looks like once sketched up:

Creating the owl - feminist wildlife art

Once I’ve done the outline in eyeliner, I use black lipstick bought from the Randburg Fleamarket for the large areas of darkness. The writing into the paint is an essential part of the creation, which is one of the reasons I continue to use lipstick rather than another medium. This is the owl before I write into the paint and add the red:

feminist wildlife art - creating the owl

The writing in the owl painting is inspired by naturalists’ notebooks and is similar to the text here.


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