I have painted with lipstick since November 2002. This was when my then husband went overseas to look for work. I had quit my job to finish my PhD and, as I soon discovered, procrastination and lack of structure does strange things to you. In my case, I ended up painting with lipstick on the cardboard offcuts left over from the architectural models he used to build. You can find out more about how the lipstick painting started by watching my TEDxJohannesburg talk here.

For years, the lipstick painting was an eccentric hobby. After I became involved with a Land Rover campaign, I started painting cityscapes, quit my job and tackled art more seriously. I held my first solo exhibition and began to experiment with different subject matter including cattle and wildlife.

I have drawn and painted wildlife ever since I was a child. So this, the feminist wildlife art you see here, is in a sense the culmination of two different strands in my life, which were bound to collide sooner or later.

Last year, I also painted a series of works to commemorate 16 days of activism and raise funds for Lawyers Against Abuse; you can see the work here. This was when I first painted what you might call feminist wildlife art, with this female bateleur eagle.

Feminist wildlife art bateleur eagle


Painting wildlife in lipstick may seem odd to you – and yes, it did take me a while to get my head around it – but now it makes perfect sense.


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